Bath Bomb World® Loved Up Soap Kit

Bath Bomb World® Loved Up Soap Kit
Product Code: Bath Bomb World® Loved Up Soap Kit
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This Kit Includes..... Makes 10 x 100g Bars


1kg White Melt and Pour Soap Base

30mls Champagne and Strawberries Fragrance

30mls Red Soapdyze™

30mls Rubbing Alcohol

1 x 6 Cavity Heart Silicone Mould

1 x 60 Cavity Heart Silicone  Mould



Chop 400g soap base into small cubes and place in a microwave jug. Blast at 30 second intervals until fully melted. Add colour and stir before pouring into mini heart moulds, Spritz with the rubbing alcohol to pop any bubbles.  Allow to set and remove from mould and share amongst the larger mould cavities. Melt remaining base and add fragrance. Once cooled to 140 degrees, spritz the embeds in the moulds with rubbing alcohol and pour the melted base into the moulds. Spray again with rubbing alcohol to pop the bubbles and allow to cool.