Bath Bomb World® Slick Stick Beard Wax

Bath Bomb World® Slick Stick Beard Wax
Product Code: Bath Bomb World® Slick Stick Beard Wax
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This Kit Includes

500g Sweet Almond Oil

250g Coconut Oil

200g Kaolin Clay

150g Beezwax

100g Argan Oil

10mls White Cypress Essential Oil

12 x 100g Aluminium Tins



250g Sweet Almond Oil

125g Coconut Oil

100g Kaolin Clay

70g Beezwax

50g Argan Oil

5g White Cypress Essential Oil

A few drops of vitamin E can be added to this recipe which is not included in this kit


Combine all ingredients into a pyrex jug and melt in the microwave at 30 second blasts, once melted allow to cool slightly before adding the essential oil (if you are adding Vitamin E, also add at this point). Pour into the tins and allow to cool and set.