Bath Bomb World® Loofah Soap Scrubs

Bath Bomb World® Loofah Soap Scrubs
Product Code: Bath Bomb World® Loofah Soap Scrubs
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* Essential Oilz 1:

This Kit Contains...... Makes Approx 12 x 80g bars

1 x 1kg Crystal Clear Soap Base

1 x Liquidyze® Tranquile Terquoise 

1 x 10mls Essential Oil

1 x 6 Cell Silicone Soap Mould

12 x Loofah Slices



Soak your loofah slices in a bowl of warm water until softened. place the loofah peices into the mould cavities. You can tie some rope through the loofah peice at this point if you like, so you end up with soap on a rope, allow to dry. Cut the melt and pour base into small cubes and place in a microwave safe jug and blast at 30 second intervals until fully melted. Now incorperate the fragrance colour and stir to combine. Pour over the loofah peices in the moulds and then allow to full set over night.