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Calacazz Fragrance Oil - A beautiful complex fragrance features lime, neroli and olibanum. This is our professional interpretation of Calacas by Lush Cosmetics. We are not affiliated with Lush Cosmetics*. Dry


225g Sodium Bicarbonate
225g SLSA
50g Cream of Tartare
50g Corn...

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Making jelly soap just like the high street stores is really easy and fun. Bath Bomb World® has packaged all the ingredient together so you can make a wibbly wobbly soap that the kids and adults alike will love.


This Kit Includes..

500mls Vegetable Glycerine

500mls Floral Water -...

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This sensual blend of exfoliating salts and cleansing rose clay combined the the delicious fragrance of grapfruit is sure to give your body a top to toe scrubby fruity workout. 


Recipe and Instructions

800g Australian Bath Salts

250g Himalayan Fine Pink Salt

150mls Grapefruit...

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500g Dead Sea Mineral Mud

100g Kaolin Clay

100g Peppermint Floral Water

50g Australian Sea Salt

10mls Apricot Kernal Oil

10 x Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

6 x Drops Phenonip Preservative 



Place all ingredients into a mixer and blend until...

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500g Sodium Coco Sulphate Powder

50g Jelly Bomb Powder - Sodium Alginate

50g BTMS 50 

25g Cetyl Alcohol

25g Coconut Oil

15 mls Witch Hazel

15mls Fragrance Oil

5mls Polysorbate 80

Lakes Colourant


In a pyrex jug place BTMS 50, cetyl and coconut...

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What is a shower bomb? Well firstly it is not to be confused with a shower steamer as you place those on the floor of your shower.  A Shower Bomb is held under the shower water to activate to create a creamy lather and then is smothered all over your body. Shower bombs leave your skin silky...

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Make your very own shower gel at a fraction of the cost of the high street stores.  Making shower gel using or delux base is easy and fun. This kit has the fragrance Avo Bath Lush Dupe. Avo Smash Bath Boost Fragrance Oil - Lemongrass, citrus and sage blend beautifully with notes of violet,...

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Recipe......This kit will make 20 bubble bar scoops

Dry Ingredients

450g Sodium Bicarbonate
450g SLSA
100g Cream of Tartare
100g Corn starch
20g Kaolin Clay
1tsp Lakes Colour Of Your Choice

Wet Ingredients

200mls Glycerine (keep a bit more to hand just in case the mix is too dry...

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340g Sodium Bicarbonate

340g SLSA

170g Glycerine

115g Cornstarch

115g Cream of Tartar

15g Sweet Almond Oil

5g Bubblegum Fragrance Oil

10 Drops Phenonip

Few Drops Liquidyze® Colour


In a large bowl add all the ingredients except the Liquidyze®...

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Lavender is an anti inflamatory, which helps reduce redness, blotchiness and restores bright natural skin. Also great for lines and wrinkles. Due to it's soothing properties, lavender can provide benefits for skin prone to eczema or acne. 

How To Make Your Lavender Face Shake Jelly Mask

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This Recipe Makes 6 x 60g Scrub Nutz Soap Bars

160g Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base

200g Goats Milk Melt and Soap base

Liquidyze® Tropical Teal

Fragrance Oil Of Your Choice To Manufacture’s Usage Guide

Rubbing Alcohol Spritz

6 Mini Loofah Slices

6 Cell Silicone Donut...

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Raspberry leaf has been used for centuries as a healing agent, it is packed full of antioxidants which are well known for blasting those wrinkles and creating a youthful radient skin. raspberries are antibacterial and anti inflammatory making them perfect for oily, acne prone skin. Now team all...

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Lime juice is freaking amazing!!! It treats dark spots, It treats acne, It has massive anti ageing properties, it treats open pores, it removes dead skin, and will leave your face glowing!!!!!! Apart from all that you will feel like you have been smashed in the face with a citrus...

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1ltr Bath bomb World® Shower Gel Base

75mls Polysorbate 20

15mls Rose Jam Fragrance Oil

Liquidyze® Ruby Red Water Soluble Colour



Pour 1ltr of Bath Bomb World® Shower Gel Base in a plastic jug with pouring spout. In a small beaker add fragrance oil...

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Recipe - Makes 8 Bars

500g Sodium Coco Sulphate Noodles

50g BTMS 50 

25g Cetyl Alcohol

10g Coconut Oil

10g Lauric Acid

10g Witch Hazel

15g Sun Ripened Berries Fragrance Oil

10g Polyquaternium Conditioning Agent 39

10g Manuka Honey  Powder

Few Drops Of...

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To Make Your Grapefruit Face Shake Jelly Mask...


500g Grapefruit Floral Water

50g Glycerine

50g Propylene Glycol

25g Kaolin

25g Silica

25g Australian Ivory Clay

25g Grapefruit Peel Powder

10g Carrageenan

3g Grapefruit Essentail Oil

5g Phenonip...

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Cacao is packed full of vitamin C and magnesium, which is fantastic to help protect your skin. Cacao is known for improving the skin's complexion by providing hydration, which is great for younger looking skin. Marry all this up with   peppermint, which helps your skin look healthy and radient...

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Strawberries are fantastic for your skin they contain alpha hydroxy acid which helps to eleminate dead skin cells. Also strawberries contain salicylic and ellagic acid which helps with dark spots and removing dead skin. Strawberries are also packed with vitamin C which is cleansing and will give...

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To Make Your Man Jam...


500g Tea Tree Floral Water

50g Glycerine

50g Propylene Glycol

25g Kaolin

25g Silica

25g Australian Green Clay

25g Tea Tree Powder

10g Carrageenan

3g Tea Tree Essentail Oil

5g Phenonip Preservative

A few Drops of Vitamin E


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Orange is rich in vitamin C which is why Bath Bomb World® has created a cool, sweet sticky jam of invigorating and cleansing Lady Marmalade Jelly Mask. The orange peel powder contains citric acid which brightens your skin and gives you a youthful glow accompanied by the sweet fragrance of sweet...