Bath Bomb World® Bath Bomb Kit - Earth Range Lavender

Bath Bomb World®  Bath Bomb Kit - Earth Range Lavender
Product Code: Bath Bomb World® Bath Bomb Kit - Earth Range Lavender
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Bath Bomb World® Earth Range Bath Bomb Kits only include 100% natural ingredients for your enjoyment.

This Kit Contains - 1x bag of our Earths Range™ bath bomb pre mix which includes sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, creme of tartar, cornstarch, Ivory clay and buttermilk powder -  10mls Lavender Essential Oil, 30mls sweet almond oil, 30 mls witch hazel, Lavender Petals 1 x 63mm stainless steel bath bomb mould, face mask, gloves, spritz bottle

Note, There will be excess wet ingredients of  essential oil, sweet almond, witch hazel for future use. To order more bath bomb mix and make another 7-8 63cm bath bombs for only 12.95  CLICK HERE


Place one bag of bath bomb premix in a large bowl and mix well

Add wet ingredients as indicated on our website(15mls Sweet Almond Oil,  few drops of  lavender essential oil).  It is important that you add the correct amount of liquid so the mix is not too wet, or too dry and holds together, when squeezed, like damp sand. If you find your mix too dry, spray with witch hazel included in the kit.

  2. Add lavender flowers into one side of the empty mould and fill each side of your moulds with mix until overflowing, making sure not to press and fill too firmly, as this will make your bath bombs sink when placed into the water
  3. Allow too dry for at least 24-48 hours until your bath bombs are solid.